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"How to Make Money" in the New Era

"If you want to get very rich, you can't avoid owning stocks." In today's world, where so much money is shared, it would be no surprise if inflation increased by 2% a year.

This means that within 35 years, the price will have doubled and the cash value will have been halved. The economic gap between those who simply put their money in the bank and those who manage their assets effectively is widening, and we now live in an age where too much opportunity is lost on those who do nothing. 

Money doesn't grow just by holding it in your hands.

In order for your money to grow, you need to put it in the right place. That way, you need to make your money work for you. In other words, it's an "investment." The correct answer is to invest long-term in the stock market. This is the real solution to early retirement!

Money Over-Issuance Hurts Investment Markets: Investor Losses Soar

After years of market trading and asset management, Royan Lam realized that the Fed's debt problems are piling up indefinitely, the problem of over-issuing money has always hit the investment market, and the losses of ordinary investors are increasing.

Royan Lam: Leading the Path to Investor Recovery and Wealth Freedom

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Why choose us to recommend the “hot” top stocks for you?

Enhance your odds

Maximize your trading and investing success with the market insights provided by Wicked Stocks analysts, master of classic charting techniques

Reduce your risk

Gain an early trading edge and reduce potential losses with our professional system - focused on taser-precise directional signals

Trade signals - not emotion

By using our clear-cut market signals you'll remove emotion and guess-work from the equation, instilling a more balanced trading psychology

Timely stock alerts

Timely alerts on trending High Yield Top Stocks Companies.

2 stock picks/week

Benefit from our continuous monitoring of 100's of well-known stocks, as we provide reliable buy opportunities intended to yield you 20% + gains on each stock investment

We have a decade of experience in Technical Analysis & in-depth research of stocks

Joining Our Team for Profitable Insights!​

Royan Lam hopes that through this method, more investors can recover their losses and achieve wealth freedom as soon as possible, and also hope that more capable investors will join his private equity team to achieve long-term cooperation! In March and April of this year, Pulse Biosciences was deployed and ChinaGold INTL, two insider stocks, both earning more than 65%! As the number of people joins increases, Royan Lam is currently expanding his learning group and hopes to have more people join!

Hear From Stock Traders Who Have Made a Fortune

Our community members have achieved great victories through our expert investment strategies as part of this!

E. Nistor

“I’m fairly new to the stock market. So far my portfolio was down almost 700% I read your stock reports for the last 2 years.And this time I bought 2000 shares and
invested $11,000 .and I’ve been reading everything you send me. I am so glad that I have been following”

E. O'Reilly

“Thank you for the giving me this signal it will help us a lot especially during this time of uncertainty. Sharing this without even asking in return, not like any others gurus that you need to pay, God bless you I have already made 4x what I put in. Blessings upon blessing upon your life.”

Johnathan Doe

“I just got in and I am grateful for this I made some money. I don’ t have a lot to invest cause I just started, just $10,000 but you are truly making that change with help like this and I am already up by another $8,000!! Thank you again.”

Benefits of Joining Us

Join our community, you can choose to leave if you are not satisfied

The purpose is not only to learn knowledge, but also to put knowledge into practice and increase assets through investment.

Designed to teach inexperienced beginners

This course is a carefully designed online investment course designed to teach inexperienced beginners how to use limited funds to reduce risks, increase returns, and increase personal wealth.

Areas covered

Regardless of the brand of virtual currencies, stocks, forex, etc., you can make profits by performing the necessary analysis.

Get a life of freedom through investing!

My students’ income increased 10 times after studying, Easily achieve a monthly income of US$10,000!

Real-time techincal and fundamental insights

We will teach chart technical analysis and fundamental analysis of stocks online while displaying various stocks in real time.

WhatsApp stock analysis community

We use a WhatsApp group with free community chat to provide chart analysis, investment information, fundamental analysis and answer questions from current students.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It’s not difficult to do it using a computer or smartphone. Just buy or sell and enter the order amount.

A: The more time you can practice and look at your charts, the better, but even if you can’t look at them every day, it’s important to continue to look at them regularly and judge why things are changing and whether they are likely to change moving forward I guess. If you look at the charts regularly for a few minutes a day, for a total of about an hour, you will gradually master the trading skills.

A: There is no problem with investing. It’s best to view on a large screen such as a computer if you can, but I myself sometimes trade on my smartphone.

A: Of course it is possible. The advantage of investing is that you can invest from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet.

A: I think an initial capital of around $10,000 is enough to practice and gain practical experience. We recommend adding that $10,000, or once you get used to it, increasing the amount of money in your account based on your assets.

A: If you have any questions, I will answer them. Simply put, you can start investing in stocks by opening an account at any stock exchange in the United States, depositing dollars and buying

A: Absolutely no problem. We will conduct broadcasts and lectures in a way that even people with no experience can understand, and we will also hold Q&A sessions specifically for students, so please feel free to ask.


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