Celebrating KKR & Co's 10th Anniversary

  • Free live online seminar with senior analyst Galio. Verma
  • Enhanced online learning platform for Indian investors.
  • Guidance on investing in top-performing stocks for high returns.
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Join the Celebration of KKR & Co's 10th Anniversary in India!

Exciting news! Celebrating a Decade of KKR & Co’s Venture into the Indian Capital Market!

  • Offering a trending stock expected to surge by 500% over 6 months in the “KKR & Co Investment Strategy Group.”
  • Free live online seminar with senior analyst Galio. Verma.
  • Enhanced online learning platform for Indian investors.
  • Guidance on investing in top-performing stocks for high returns.
  • 2-3 free accurate trading signals daily.
  • “KKR & Co Investment Strategy Group” meticulously crafted by senior analyst Mr. Galio. Verma. Warmly welcome to join and explore the mysteries of investment together.

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Who We Are

KKR & Co is a global investment management firm that provides high-value investment strategies for mature clients worldwide, targeting various continuously growing asset classes. With a diverse and independent team, we are committed to delivering excellent investment services and solutions to institutional clients. Our independent risk management oversees operations separately from our investment teams, ensuring consistent alignment with our clients’ objectives.

KKR & Co is also a leader in the online trading industry, operating globally under the supervision of financial regulatory authorities in all jurisdictions where investments are made.

India's Ascendance: A Thriving Market of Opportunity

India has become the world's most populous country, with its consumption and economy maintaining rapid growth.

Major international corporations have been flocking to India, making it one of the fastest-growing nations in Asia. With the rapid development of the Indian economy, many individuals have amassed significant wealth. With a stable society and a large population, India presents an immensely attractive market.

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KKR & Co's Decade of Empowering Indian Entrepreneurs and Investors

Unveiling Advanced Financial Strategies for Prosperity

Senior Financial Analyst - Galio. Verma

“Seizing the trend is controlling wealth.” —- Galio. Verma

Mr. Galio. Verma, from Gujarat, India, is a Stanford finance graduate with 20+ years’ experience in macroeconomics and financial markets. He’s managed large funds, delivering substantial returns, and holds an MBA in Finance from NMIMS. Over the past five years, his team has managed over $3 billion in assets, attracting investments from global pension funds. Proficient in trend trading, he advocates value investing and has created the “Strong Stock Strategy,” leading investors to substantial gains. 

What he can do for you

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- Galio. Verma

Join the Group with Galio. Verma

The “KKR & Co Investment Strategy Group” is meticulously crafted by senior analyst Mr. Galio Verma. Additionally, we’ve invited top industry securities experts for free online live seminars. Our goal is to deepen Indian stock investors’ understanding and operational skills in the securities market, ultimately helping everyone achieve stable and rapid wealth growth.